If you’re an avid user of Termux, the powerful terminal emulator for Android, you might be craving a more personalized touch. Thanks to the termux-style project on GitHub, customizing your Termux interface with different backgrounds and fonts is easier than ever. This post will guide you through the simple steps to transform your Termux terminal from the default look into something that fits your style.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Termux-Style

Step 1: Install Git and Termux-Style

Before anything, ensure you have Git installed in Termux. If not, you can install it by typing:

pkg install git

Next, clone the termux-style repository from GitHub:

git clone

Step 2: Install Termux-Style

Navigate to the cloned directory and run the installation script:

cd termux-style
bash install

Step 3: Launch Termux-Style

Once installed, you can launch termux-style:


Step 4: Customize Your Termux

termux-style offers a straightforward menu to customize your Termux interface. Here, you can choose to change:

  • Fonts: Select from various fonts to change the appearance of your terminal text.
  • Colors: Customize your terminal’s color scheme.
  • Background: Choose a background style or image for your terminal.


  1. What is Termux?
    • Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app.
  2. Do I need to root my device to use Termux-Style?
    • No, rooting is not required for Termux or Termux-Style.
  3. Can I revert back to the default Termux style?
    • Yes, termux-style provides an option to revert to the default settings.
  4. Is it safe to use scripts from GitHub for customization?
    • Generally, it’s safe if the repository is well-maintained and trusted. Always review the code if you’re unsure.
  5. How do I update Termux-Style?
    • You can update it by pulling the latest changes from the GitHub repository.
  6. Can I use my own images as a background in Termux?
    • Yes, you can set your own images as background through the termux-style settings.
  7. Does changing fonts and backgrounds affect Termux’s performance?
    • No, these visual changes do not significantly impact the performance of Termux.


Customizing your Termux interface with new backgrounds and fonts is a great way to enhance your experience. With the termux-style tool, this process is simplified, making it accessible even for beginners. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to give your Termux a unique and personalized look.

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