Hiding apps on your Android device can add an extra layer of privacy and security. One creative method is to use a calculator app that doubles as a secret vault for your apps. This guide will walk you through the process.

Why Hide Apps in a Calculator?

Hiding apps inside a calculator app keeps them away from prying eyes, ensuring privacy and security. It’s especially useful for sensitive apps like messaging or finance.

Steps to Hide Apps Using a Calculator App

  1. Download a Calculator Vault App: Search for apps like ‘Calculator Vault’ on the Google Play Store and download one.
  2. Set Up the App: Open the calculator vault app and set a password, usually done by entering a numerical code into the calculator and pressing ‘=’.
  3. Import Apps: Inside the vault, look for an option to add or hide apps. Select the apps you want to hide and confirm.

Choosing the Right Calculator App

Opt for an app with good reviews and a high number of downloads for reliability and security. Ensure it doesn’t require unnecessary permissions.

Security Considerations

  • Regularly change your vault password.
  • Be cautious of fake calculator vault apps that might compromise your data.
  • Remember, hiding apps doesn’t encrypt data; use additional security measures for sensitive information.


  1. Can any app be hidden in a calculator vault? Most third-party apps can be hidden, but some system apps may not be compatible.
  2. Is it possible to recover hidden apps if I forget the password? Recovery options vary by app. Check the app’s help section for guidance.

Final Words

Hiding apps inside a calculator is a smart way to keep your sensitive applications concealed. Just ensure you’re using a trustworthy app and remember your password!

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