Authenticator apps provide an extra layer of security for your online accounts through Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or Two Step Verification. They generate codes that change every 30 seconds, enhancing the security of your accounts​​.

Setting Up Authenticator App on Android

  1. Download the App: Go to Google Play Store and search for ‘Google Authenticator‘ or ‘Authenticator Pro‘.
  2. Install the App: Click ‘Install’ next to the Authenticator app.
  3. Open the App: Once installed, open the app and click ‘Get Started’.
  4. Scan QR Code: Click on ‘Scan a QR Code’ and scan the code. Once scanned, the account you’ve added will show up along with the code​​.

Using Authenticator App on Computers

  1. Google Chrome Browser Requirement: Ensure you have Google Chrome installed on your computer.
  2. Visit Authenticator Site: Go to and click ‘Add to Chrome’.
  3. Install Extension: You’ll be redirected to the Chrome WebStore. Click ‘Add to Chrome’ again to install.
  4. Scan QR Code: Click on the Authenticator extension icon and scan the QR code to add the account​​.

Important Considerations

  • Before deleting the Authenticator app from your phone or computer, disable 2FA or Two Step Verification on your account to avoid login issues.
  • Never share your Authenticator codes with anyone as it can lead to unauthorized access to your accounts​​.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can Authenticator be hacked? No, the codes change every 30 seconds, making it secure​​.
  2. Can Authenticator be used on any website? No, not all websites support Authenticator​​.
  3. Can I recover my Authenticator app if deleted? No, you must remove your account from the app before deleting it​​.

Final Thoughts

Using an Authenticator app is a crucial step in securing your online accounts. Whether on mobile or computer, it adds an essential security layer, safeguarding you from unauthorized access​​.

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