Titanium Backup is a powerful tool for Android users, enabling thorough backups and seamless data restoration. This guide delves into optimal settings for Titanium Backup and the restoration process.

Essential Titanium Backup Settings

Before beginning, ensure your phone is rooted, as Titanium Backup requires root access. Here’s how to set up Titanium Backup:

  1. Install Titanium Backup and ensure your phone is rooted.
  2. Delete any existing ‘TitaniumBackup’ folder in your phone.
  3. Enable ‘Unknown Sources,’ ‘Developer Options,’ and ‘ADB/Android Debugging’ in your phone settings.
  4. Open TitaniumBackup, go to ‘Menu,’ then ‘Preferences’:
    • Select Normal and Protected apps.
    • Deselect System apps and Market link.
    • Enable Backup app external data.
    • Set Compression to GZIP or none.
    • Select Advanced app control and Restore app external data.
    • Set ‘Mark as installed from…’ to Sideloaded.
    • Disable Default auto-update mode.
    • Select Migrate system data.
    • In Restoration settings, choose the active data profile.
    • In Freezer and Un-installer settings, keep the Market entry.
    • Deselect Use accurate Market check-in data.
  5. Set Backup folder location to a new ‘TitaniumBackup’ folder​​.

Titanium Backup Restoration Process

  1. Avoid backing up/restoring system data.
  2. Backup all user apps and data.
  3. Create a recovery flashable zip of backed-up apps.
  4. Backup Calls list, SMS, and Wifi APs to XML files.
  5. Reboot into Recovery and perform a Nandroid Backup.
  6. Clear data/cache/Dalvik cache.
  7. Flash ROM (plus Gapps and Magisk if required) and reboot.
  8. Set up the phone including the Google account.
  9. Reboot to recovery and flash the zip created by Titanium Backup.
  10. Restore Calls list, SMS, and Wifi APs from XML files.
  11. Choose to restore the old Android ID when prompted​​.

Key Points to Remember

  • Titanium Backup works on any Android version.
  • It effectively restores data.
  • The phone must be rooted to use Titanium Backup​​.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Does Titanium Backup work on all Android versions? Yes, it works across different Android versions​​.

  2. Can data be restored using Titanium Backup? Yes, Titanium Backup allows for efficient data backup and restoration​​.

Final Words

Titanium Backup is a versatile tool for Android, offering robust backup and restore capabilities. By following these steps, you can ensure your data is securely backed up and easily restored.

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