Monitoring your Android phone usage, including which apps were used and when, is crucial for digital wellbeing and security. This guide covers methods to track mobile usage effectively​​.

Using Digital Wellbeing for Tracking

Digital Wellbeing is an app that shows which apps were used and for how long. It provides two key pieces of information: the duration each app was used and when it was accessed. To use this feature, go to your phone’s settings, search for Digital Wellbeing, and open the app to view the usage data​​.

Google Account MyActivity for Detailed Insights

Google Account MyActivity offers a thorough history of your phone’s activities. By logging into MyActivity, you can see a detailed list of your mobile activities, including app usage​​.

Google Dashboard: A Comprehensive View

Google Dashboard provides an extensive overview of your activities across Google services. Access it at Google Dashboard for a complete picture of your digital footprint on your phone​​.

Important Tips for Secure Usage

  • Never open your Gmail on someone else’s mobile or computer.
  • Never share your password with anyone.
  • Regularly change your account password.
  • Report to the crime branch immediately if your account is hacked​​.


  1. Can I see my phone’s activity through my Google account? Yes, by logging into your Google account, you can access your activity​​.
  2. Is it safe to open my Google account on another person’s mobile? No, it poses a risk of your password being hacked​​.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how to track mobile usage is essential for managing your digital life. With these tools, you can gain insights into your phone activities and ensure secure usage.

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