Are you struggling with the ‘EAC3 audio format not supported’ error in MX Player? In today’s post, we’ll guide you through a simple solution to fix this issue and ensure your MX Player supports EAC3 format. Additionally, we’ll discuss how to download the MX Player codecs 1.49.1 and 1.49.0.

Understanding EAC3 and MX Player

EAC3, or Enhanced AC-3, is an advanced audio codec offering superior sound quality. However, MX Player, a popular media player for Android, sometimes lacks the necessary codecs to play EAC3 audio, leading to playback issues.

Steps to Fix EAC3 Format in MX Player

  1. Download the Codec: Begin by downloading the codec version 1.49.0.
  2. Move to the Download Folder: Transfer the downloaded file to your phone’s download folder.
  3. Open MX Player: Launch MX Player on your device.
  4. Access the Menu: In MX Player, click on the three lines (hamburger menu).
  5. Go to Local Player Settings: Navigate to ‘local player settings’.
  6. Enter Decoder Settings: Then, proceed to the ‘decoder’ section.
  7. Select Custom Codec: Click on ‘custom codec’.
  8. Choose Select the file.
  9. Restart MX Player: Once selected, MX Player will restart, and the EAC3 audio codec issue should be resolved.

Some Important Tips

  • If you encounter the ‘EAC3 audio codec not supported’ message, installing version 1.41.2 is necessary.
  • For MX Player Pro users, the version 1.35.0 is sufficient.

External Links for Codec Downloads

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Will all videos play in MX Player after installing Yes, includes the necessary libraries to support various video formats.
  2. Does work exclusively with MX Player? Yes, this codec is specifically designed for MX Player.


By following these steps, you can easily fix the EAC3 audio format issue in MX Player and enjoy uninterrupted video playback. Remember, keeping your MX Player and its codecs updated ensures compatibility with various audio and video formats.

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